Dragon queen kitty Daisy


My beautiful little monster Daisy. When i found this cute little fabric crown (that’s made for babies) i just had to buy it and make a shoot with Daisy wearing it on her little head. Cause she’s a queen. I started of just shooting her with the crown but ended up adding shapeable fabric to the theme to add drama and create more of a story. And it goes something like this;

“Her eternal beauty emerges from the smokey flames of her soul. As she reveals her face for the public to behold, she wears a crown only fit for her flyffyness. As she gazes upon her domains, she gets ready to meet her lesser worshipers. So her crown magically vanishes first into a smaller precious gem and then into thin air as she spread her wings and gets ready to overview her territory and spread love among her admires.”

I hope one or two of ya got a little smirk on ye faces from the story!

– Much love Mother bunny!