The stuff in-between photography


Image of my cat Daisy captured in our studio.

My last post was published about 4 weeks ago! This due to a new chapter in my life and events building up to it! Quick recap;

Went first to Copenhagen over hubbys’ birthday slash Swedish midsummer to spend some alone time together and see if we still feel like we want to be with one another after so much intense interaction! Answer: Yes.

Then went back home for 1 week to prepare for the big move. Yes. That is moving in together and having a life as a couple under the same roof. This means also moving my studio. I managed to get some work done with my Floral head piece shoot with Hillevi and Lulu!

Week after that we went on our second vacation to Riga together over my birthday. This trip really made me feel like my decision was right. What a trip this was. Best birthday so far and it was my 25th.

Went home and moved in. Now… I’ve moved A LOT during my 25 years on this planet so I have somewhat of a checklist in-printed inside my head on how to make a move super efficient. Everything was in place and ready for normal life within 1 week.

Now to a more detailed documentation of life and some thoughts.

It’s easy. This life thing. It’s very easy. Humanity complicated it. To much giving-a-shit’ness complicates it. Animals don’t complicate life. They let it happen. I understanding that other humans will never understand how much my cat (yes… my cat… Daisy) has shaped me as a human. And how grateful I am to have had something so beautiful come into my life. Pure love. It has shaped my preferences in art and in life itself. Big decisions in life are made with her in mind. My partner. My best friend. How much money I need to make to keep us happy and enjoying life. Everything based on how it will effect Daisy long term.

She’s the only thing that’s been a constant since i moved out at the age of 17 and she’s now 8 years old. I’m well aware that she will be gone one day, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get another cat again. BUT when she’s gone ahead to save a spot for me when it’s my time to go I will feel very strange.

As I move into this new chapter in life with this mind blowing man wanting to share his thoughts, time and life with me she’s still here reminding me how to tackle life and situations in it. Reminding me that life is simple until you complicate it.

I try my best to show her how much I love her and how grateful I am that she is with me. She continues to be my stable constant in life as I move into a new stage with more intense situations to handle and deal with.

I’m excited to tell all of you kittens that I’m in the process of working with my first clients aimed towards commercial! It’s been a crazy 1st year of trying to get a foot into the door of commercial photography but I feel like the wind is blowing in my favor! Keep up kittens! // Much love Mother Bunny!