Prepping for The Candy Shoot


Preparation for the candy shoot! Running around like a crazy cat lady on speed with 1 lost cat, to find everything I want. I’m looking forward to the day a store that specializes on photography props opens in a city near me. But until then I have 7 stores I go to that has everything I need for every shoot, and all of them are walking distance from each other. Now it’s time to make detailed notes and a mood board for what I want from my team!

The preparations for the candy shoot continues! 2:30 in the morning and my alarm will go off in 5 h. BUT(!) I finished what I started 3 h ago, and that is the nails for the candy shoot. I usually go with what feels good when it comes to doing nail art. Maybe it’s my previous 3 years working part time as a nail tech or maybe it’s my undoubtedly good feeling for color… What do I know!? I’m looking forward to putting these bad boys on the models fingers and see her work it! Getto-fab is always a good idea. Keep up kittens! // Love mother bunny