Promo video for “the beard series”

This is my first attempt at making a Promo for myself. I’m playing and singing in the background. The song is a Lana Del Rey cover of her song “Ride”. Thanks to my 3 models that helped me make this little promo happen. We have Robin, Niklas and Mattias starring in that order.

I’m very aware that the quality of the video isn’t that high but it’s basically because I can’t afford insane video cameras since that insane amount of money goes to all my photography gear. Hehe. And also… i don’t have that indepth understanding of the technical aspect of what is needed to make it look more expensive. But, after making this promo I’m feeling pretty inspired to learn more about the world of video making. I think I’m going to sink my teeth into this and progress as I go.

Even so. I think the quality works fin with the feeling of the video. But that’s just me. For more info about my beard project head over to my tab called PORTFOLIO then THE BEARD SERIES on my website. I have a more in-depth piece of text about the what, why and when on my beard series. Keep up kittens! // Love Mother Bunny