The evolution of “The floral headpiece” shoot.


Selfies of me trying out the concept of a “floral headpiece” shoot.

VLog ranting about the shoot. Music in background is made by me. My soundcloud here.


Final images with Hillevi as model.

Doing this shoot with Hillevi and Lulu was epic! It’s funny sometimes how life works. I had this vision of doing a shoot with a flower crown for some months before i got in contact with Hillevi and i even made a really (REALLY!!) bad sketch of it which you can see in the video vlog on how i did this shoot. Usually one would go white background on a flower themed shoot but i just got my gray backdrop before this shoot took place so i tough it would be a nice contrast to her look. Makeup and hair is done by Lulu (@madebyloiz on instagram) and head piece by me. Keep up kittens!  – Love mother bunny!