Twin series – Sofia & Karolina


Models: Sofia and Karolina Wedin

Makeup & Hair: Loiz Blomberg

After my last personal project “The Beard Series” I’ve embarked on a new one i called it “The Twin Series”. It’s basically what one think it is! It’s an image series with Twins! In the images attached to this blog post we have twin sisters Sofia and Karolina Wedin. Both of them have appeared in numerous TV related stuff such as commercials and TV series.

I’m so grateful that Sofia and Karolina was the “opening” twins for my series! I’m fascinated with twins. In first grade when I was 7 years old there was a pair of twins named Richard and Jesper. That was my first interaction with two humans looking identical. One might feel like that should make me feel more use to seeing twins… but I guess the fascination never went away cause I find myself staring every time I see identical twins. So many unanswered questions to be answered. Like; Do they feel and think alike? Personally right of the bat without knowing anything I feel the answer is NO. But what do I know!? Nothing to be honest! That’s why I’m embarking on this journey! To more understand and capture the beauty of twins!

What I’ve noticed that they do have a very distinct difference in their personalities. Almost opposite to each other. BUT, they understand one another very well and are very intuitive with how to move and pose with each other. That made the experience of shooting them very interesting to me.

You can find them on Instagram under their full names! They are very cute so you guys should give them a “Billie says Hey bunny!” and stalk them for a bit!

I’ve decided to go for a magazine/collage layout to present some of the images from our shoot because… well… it’s fun’ner that way. I’m thinking that this is how I will present every shoot in the blog from now on. Now on to the insights of this specific shoot!

Studio setup was simple just 2 flashes and 1 reflector. Like always with studio shoots I enjoy tethering so everyone can have a chance to follow along, evolve and give their best!

Camera setup is manual. DOF everywhere from 6-9. ISO100. Manual White balance for consistency since I did move the flashes around a lot and changed my position from the subject(s). Also, ambient lights from small window and computer screen was present. Auto focus. Flash sync speed at 1/250. Shot in RAW as a standard.

Post in PS was very simple skin retouching and hair-infront-of-face-going-bananas-everywhere-removal but most of the global adjustments was made in Camera Raw as a standard for my workflow. If you want to get quick tip&tricks on how to handle you Adobe bundle (eg. Photoshop, Camera Raw, Bridge, Lightroom) then head over to my Youtube channel where I have tutorials on how I do stuff and my personal workflow.

Makeup was very simple. Focusing more on enhancing then altering their appetence since this is a portrait project in it’s core. We did tree looks in total starting with a very clean Scandinavian minimalistis look with feminine shapes and lines being the keyword. Then the two other looks was less “clean” regarding hair/makeup and posing. More “artsy” and expressive.

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If any of you kittens know some good looking twins that want to be a part of The Twin Series then hit me up under contact or via any of my social media.

// Much love Mother Bunny!