Daisy in Swarovski necklace



My sweet little monster is such a perfect model. She’s always happy to model for me and really enjoys any human interaction to be honest. She’s very very small even for a cat and when i got her from a cat shelter she wasn’t a kitten anymore. I just want to say that i know many people that has adopted adult cats and can’t image living without them. If you have the time, love and economics for it then adopting a pet from a shelter might be the ultimate joy. Or spread the word that you support adoption even if you don’t have the resources for it.


The settings i ended up using was shallow DOF around aperture 2.0 up to 3.-something.
Shutter speed higher then the standard sync-speed for studio strobes since I’m using continues lights for this shoot and not flashes. So, a shutter speed around 1/300-something sec or higher depending on how she felt like moving and what she felt like doing. Usually she really likes being photographed so she’s not moving around to much. ISO around 200 and up cause she has fur and noise I don’t find effects the quality of the image negatively.