My creative process of making music to videos.

The process of making music to my videos is pretty straight forward. First I make sure to fill myself in on what the client want (in this case it was Adam) and usually i get lots of creative freedom which I like. Then I organize the ideas in my head and inform the client on what is possible for me to execute and not. Then when i have a solid green light i film the footage/material i need to deliver the message the video is supposed to. AFTER THAT i make the music from the material i filmed and feeling i got from filming. In this case for Petri Dish i made the music on the location the material was shot. Often i make the music at home. I ether record it acoustically or make electronic music, whatever fits the best. Even if the initial idea was one thing, this “something” can shift slightly as the steps of the creative process moves forward. This constant balance between having an open mind for better results and holding on to the plan is the hard part… at least if you ask me. When i make music for videos I also consider the knowledge i have in post-production. Meaning; what i can and can’t do when editing. As I said in the video; I’m not a video maker, I’m a still image photographer. So my video making knowledge aren’t as deep as my photography skills.

That’s it! How I know what lyrics to sing and what chords to play so it doesn’t  sound to crappy is basically years and years of making really crappy music. Practice doesn’t make perfect (’cause Einstein and relativity and shit) but it does make you more confident in what you’re doing and sometimes that’s all you need. Just look at any artist or entertainer dead or alive. You’ll get my jizz.

Side note: Music is very important for me. Both when it comes to my personal life (e.g. singing to music in shower… or anywhere to be honest.) and during my creative process. I always make or pick a customized playlist to play during my shoots while shooting that goes along with the concept we’re try to achieve, me and my team. Also, when i retouch i have a specific playlist for that to.

Here’s other PROMO video I’ve made the music for:


About the image

The image with the very very very cute dog is shot during the production of the Promo video. This dogs human was one of the creatives that joined this years Petri Dish gathering. She was very very very lovely. *getting tears of cuteness overload*


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