My image in magazine KUPÉ


Super fun to see Molly looking fierce in the Swedish travel/cultural magazine KUPÉ. The magazine will be available for everyone to read when taking the train from city to city in Sweden. So during January and February my image of her will be seen by maybe a few hundreds. That’s pretty cool. What is more cool is to have your image printed out. In (literally) Black and white (… kinda… it’s gray scale but ya know). I even got a copy sent home to me. Gonna save it and look at it now and then to not feel like I’m chasing a pointless dream. And that maybe I’m actually worth something in this crazy industry.

One of my goals for this year is to get my work published in a Magazine. Now, let’s make that goal into two magazines and not just one. What a great start of the year!

Link to the entire issue here:
The image i took of Molly is on page 22-23! Check it!

I also realized that maybe it’s good to have some sort of presentation in my portfolio of works i’ve done. So the category “tear sheets” will be an added folder to my online portfolio.

Also; Getting back in contact with agencies and industry people again after my Berlin trip during the holidays. Geez. What an interesting vaca that was! More on that later!

Much love
Mama Bunny


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