NEW category: Quick Photo history lessons


Look at her! Doesn’t she look absolutely perrfect in every way possible and impossible?! The answer it yes! YES! Very much yes!

In all honesty. I get a bit sick and tired of people calling themselfs photographers when they can’t even understand a fraction of what their newly bought DSLR camera does. Nore do they understand the absolute basics of photography terms such as aperture, DOF, ISO, shutter speed etc. Nore do they have any interest in the community, the future or the history of it whatsoever. They basically bought a camera that gives them great pictures (sometimes if they’re lucky) and then they think they know everything cause others gave them lots of likes. Soon enough they start taking pictures of shadows and now assume they are artist. They’re probably more artists then photographers in this case i’d say. You don’t screw in a lightbulb and call yourself an electrician just because the lamp filled the room with light. Then why do people call them self photographers just because they know how to press the trigger button so they get an image? Anyway…

Instead of whining like a little bitch I decided to do something so that i would stop annoying myself regarding this ”problem”. Cause people have the right to do whatever the fuck they want. It’s none of my damn business what they decide to call themselves or do. So, i’ll copy their actions and think about myself and do what feels best for me which is inspire people to follow their bliss. The only way i know how to do so is trough art, more specifically visual arts, more specifically photography. To hopefully awaken the interest in really submerging on self into the community, technical aspects, history, art and future of photography. Doing so will also help me learn from fellow shooters things i didn’t know. When I spread information that i’ve learned and find to be logical, my hopes is that others will question the authenticity of that information and also spread what they feel to be the truth. I have absolutely no problems with getting critique as long as people justify that critique with an explanation why, so i can either change my current beliefs or continue on the discussion until obviously one of us calls the other on an idiot.

SO! This new category will be named ”Quick Photo history lessons”. Each video will touch upon one random events up until current time. I say touch because each videos will be about 5 min and the depth of each event obviously can’t be covered in that short amount of time. What i will do to aid in the continuation of deepening the knowledge of each event is attach a related blog post with links to sources and a longer chunk of text about that specific subject and my personal thoughts upon that specific topic. Well, that’s my guideline for how i’ll pull this trough anyway. Who knows… i might decide to become a full time stamp collector. Who knows!? Skies the limit!

Joke aside. I do hope people find it inspiring. If not then at least i know i tried.

Much love – Mama bunny


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