QPH: Herbert Ponting

c32443Image from here.

Quick Photo History

Mr. Ponting was the first know photographer who brought back lots of footage from the early Antarctica expeditions made by man. What I received from reading about this great fellow is that I’m very lucky to live in the now. With all of the luxury we have regarding photography. Info on the web and in books about everything photography. The large community etc. There’s really nothing to bitch about… in any situation. Especially in the category/field I chose to photography in.

“90 degrees South” was a fun experience. I realized how skilled Mr. Ponting must have been since he used wet plats (if I’m not wrong) and developed all of the images right there and then in a small portable room. He worked many “regular” jobs before embarking on his photographic journey, just like many today.

Also, as I look trough his work I realize the importance he must have put on the esthetic side of each photograph. Meaning; Even if he was there to bring back documentation of Antarctica there’s still much emphasis on the beauty and “art” (if you will) of everything he saw.

Below are personal notes to myself for future history re-caps. It also works as a starting point for you to dive deeper into this by doing your own research. A click here and a click there will lead you somewhere…

Wikipedia page about Ponting

Google image search

Nat geo image slideshow

Pinterest board

Much love


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