Sofia & Karro Polaroids


So much fun to get some girl time with the twins again! Sofia and Karro are the once who modeled for me when i needed twins for my “Twins series”. You can find more about that shoot here. That was about 1 year ago! This weekend all of my baby bunnies came over and stayed for a little chat! Molly, Mickan and the twins! I’m gong to upload more about that shoot when I’m done with retouching. But for now I’ll leave this blog post with the Polaroids we took during this shoot! I just scanned them all togheter and thought it looked fitting to just upload them without adjusting anything or cropping them out one by one.

I feel like the Fujifilm film gives more of a hip-young-retro feeling while Polaroids give more of a artsy-elegant-spookey feeling. Both are absolutely lovely and i’ll never just use one “brand” so to say. Just making an observation and doing note for future self about current feelings. Anyhow…

Keep up Kitkitz! More of these babes coming up soon!


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