Actress CDV of Karolina W.


Carte de visite is a thing in photographic history I wrote about in a previous blog post, which you can find here.

But in short (in my personal modern definition) it’s a summation of a series of portraits taken of a person. In this case it’s actress bunny Karro! I make these “charts” as a way for me to make sure that the images i send out to clients are cohesive in look and style. It has to look like i’m the photographer. It also helps me to make sure that there is a variation in poses and expression, whiles maintaining the wishes of the client. Ever other month i take my CDVs and put them side by side to see how I’ve done the past months or so. It helps me to study myself and in turn helps me to grow when i see what i feel like i need to improve on.

I haven’t shared this with clients before but I’m thinking about adding it as a bonus don’t know if it will be of any use for the clients. That’s why I’m hesitating i think. Maybe I’ll just ask them if they want one or just add it to their folder of images i email. It can’t lead to any bad karma, right?!

Much love
Mama bunny


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