Polaroids of Mickan

I’ve know this little bun-bun for years upon years and every now and then we get together to shoot new head shots of her! This time we enter a more grownup phase and I’m very happy to see that she’s doing fine and that she continues to be herself! With the evolvement of my journey trough the visual arts I’m hoping my expanding depth into the subject of photography shows in my work. I’m very honored to be picked year after year as the photographer in which clients turn to and feel happy to showcase and spread the word about. It humbles me. Not all my my clients like to be tagged and spread on the internet and i need to respect that. The once who do on the other hand also has to be respected; to make sure there’s a clear communication regarding what is to be published and not. Especially when my content at times can be  #nsfw.

Anyways! Let’s just look at the Polaroids of baby bunny Mickan and feel a sense of “Woaaaw”!

Much love


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