Reversal film images from the 50s-60s


I was so excited after i asked hubby what he had in that big plastic bag, when he came home from a visit at his dads place. He told me “Photos! A lot of them!” I opened the plastic bag and saw small orange boxes and asked him: Is it dia images?

It took us a few days to scan all of the images but it was all so worth it! It was such a beautiful and fun way for me to get to know my father in law a bit more. He is pretty old now and he’s starting to forget things. That happens with age so it’s nothing overly strange but with that it’s a bit harder for me to get to know him trough story telling. I for one love stories, especially the once I’ve never heard before. It’s also a way for me to get to know hubby! What’s even more exciting is to see how excited hubby is over knowing more about his dad… a part of his dad that hubby didn’t know.

In this video i talk about how we got a hold of the images but i also showcase my favorites and talk about why i like them. I hope you guys enjoy the video as much as i enjoyed making it!


// Billie



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