Rainy day, b-bay and art day.


Why is a painting worth over 80 million dollars?

It’s rainy and cold outside today. It’s also hubbys birthday. I love him very much. He and I decided not to do anything particular during our “actual” birthdays this year. We’re going to have a joint b-day party togheter with friends later on!

But today we stayed inside… together… just relaxing and doing what we enjoy the most. He plays Europa Universalis, trying to dominate the world, while I study visual arts. This video was interesting. Even if my weapon of choice is Photography I really enjoy all kinds of artistic expression and I’m also very curious why things are the way they are. For me understanding art, both historical and contemporary, and it’s place in this world helps me understand people, the society I’m a part of and also possible future outcomes in this world or art.

I went trough many videos during this day while simultaneously taking a break now and then by grabbing my book that I currently am reading + taking a sip of tea. The book I’m reading is “history of photography the George Eastman house collection”. Below is an inspiring video I found about an amazing mix media artist. This interested me cause when I make paintings I also use mixed materials to get the final result.



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