Brief recap of the entire history of photography.

Today I woke up at somewhere after lunch time and started my day with booking appointments and going trough my schedule for this upcoming week. I also managed to slip in some studying of photographic history. Woop! Here’s a series of videos that I stumbled upon when taking a break from reading the physical book about photo history.

While at it I decided to look trough their library of videos they’ve posted on their youtube channel. Dating back 9 years. It’s pretty cool to see early videos as well as how they are produced now and the improvement in quality and content. It sounds like a long process but if you speed it up to dubble the speed when watching videos, each one dosen’t become so long, thats how I usually watch videos. I tend to get bored/annoyed when things go to slow online. I picked out my favourite videos from their collection up until today. The videos is in no particular order:

Above pinhole images post Vietnam war. Its fun to see this photographic process make its way to Vietnam (where i have my heritage).

This video inspires me cause I also like to stage images to prove a point. I like to make the creative decisions rather then “capture the truthful moment”. This deliberate way of photographing is derived from my personal philosophical beliefs.

Pete Turners work is so pleasing to me! Pleasing and inspiring. I also love color! I prefer to photograph in color more then b/w, even if I can see the beauty and find it inspiring, I prefer to shoot in color myself.

Beautiful coloured images and the photographers intention with his work is also very beautiful and appealing to me.



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